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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Unexpected Marketing.

I know biology and complexity are being shoehorned into econometrics but Pam Slim's lichen as business model may be stretching the envelope a tad. However, it gloriously reaffirms the engagement possibilities of unexpected marketing.

Marketing your wares in places where the customer wouldn't expect them and/or in terms of benefits not usually attributed with your category are two methods. Thus, Pam encounters balloon animals in a location that is neither street corner nor children's party (but is similar to both) and marketed not as toys, but as social suicide avoidance facilitators.

Stay mindful of the increased risk (within an alien environment) of being viewed as interruptive marketing and, chances are, you're going to stand out in a good way and as long as you stand out you've got a hope of getting some positive attention.


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