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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Future Of Advertising.

Cheap and cheerful. No media costs. Highly effective.

But media planning remains. Whether it's your product or your marketing. How do you get people to notice you?

UPDATE: My current answer to this question would be to focus on intimacy. Intimacy can be found in the small things such as attention to detail or youtube videos like Gmail's. Or it can be visceral as Red Bull showed this weekend when being intimate with 30,000 spectators or as Innocent does every Fruitstock. Grand or small. Intimate gestures spread.


Blogger kaylen said...

hey, here's a question for you...

why would UPS use a song by The Postal Service for the background music in their new commercial? it was just lyric-less, bleep-bloop background music. wouldn't it have been just as easy/not so weird to use something from a band that doesn't have the name... well, of a competitor?

8:54 PM, March 04, 2007  

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